Delivering an Affordable, Non-Invasive Screening Test for Early Detection of Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers


While early cancer detection is the key to survival, many patients are diagnosed after the disease has progressed. A regular affordable screening test for ovarian and endometrial cancers would radically improve survival rates.
Inanna Diagnostics is developing a proprietary technology that enables isolation of a previously untapped source of DNA material for non-invasive early screening applications.

We are a team of seasoned scientists, entrepreneurs and diagnostics experts who have developed new science, built companies and delivered novel diagnostics solutions to the market.

team member
Maya Tevlin, PhD
Founder & CEO
Cancer Genetics and Genomics, The Hebrew University, The Rockefeller University
team member
Ilya Kupershmidt
Serial Enterpreneur, Genomics, Biomedical Informatics. Illumina, NextBio, Karolinska Institute
team member
Katherine Tynan, PhD
Head Diagnostic Strategy
Involved in $1B+ of investments in the precision medicine arena: Geneoscopy, GeneWeave, Life Technologies

Summary of technology

Our early cancer detection technology is based on the unique and patented method for processing pap smear samples.
Regular Pap-test
Process to obtain DNA (IP)
DNA Sequencing (IP)
Analyze for low frequency mutant alleles
Report Screening Results